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Life gave me lemons, so I made lemonade and later I taught others to make lemonade too. - Anonymous

After going through a relationship breakup, like most parents, I knew that my priority remained the same; to do more, and be more, for the benefit of my children.

So, I started searching for a community and a service that was affordable, and one that gave me the tools to make co-parenting simple.

None existed.

I immediately knew that this had to change. Co-parents everywhere deserved an accessible service that would support, inspire and empower them.

After all, like you, I knew that co-parenting would be a challenge. I knew it was a challenge that I wanted to meet. And, I knew that I would need support to do so. So, I started assembling a team of people who - like me - believed co-parents deserved accessible resources in order to be great co-parents more easily and more effectively.

The team included friends, family, colleagues; and also professional designers, writers, and strategists - all dedicated to making the world better through proactive and positive co-parenting.

Together, we knew we didn’t just want to create an app. We wanted to create a powerful solution; something that would transform lives in a positive way, connect like-minded individuals, and elevate what it means to be a family.

And that’s when Bonfami was born.

Getting Started...

Bonfami means “better family” in French Creole, and the name was chosen to honor my parents - and parents everywhere - who believe that building better families is one of the most important parts of life.

We also believe that many parents have a burning desire to be the very best parent possible. 


So we started asking key questions…

  • What if there was a community for co-parents to share inspirational advice and feel connected to others in similar situations?
  • What if there was a service that had a long-lasting, positive impact on co-parents and their children?
  • What if there was an affordable service that helped co-parents work together effectively and productively?
  • What if anyone could benefit from that service - no matter their income level?

Together, the Bonfami team set out to meet co-parents’ critical needs, and to find solutions to these big questions.

So Today, How Does Bonfami Help?

Our mission is to turn co-parenting into what it should always be; collaborative parenting. A way for moms and dads to seamlessly work together for the benefit of their families and children.

Bonfami helps families by providing a service where information sharing is simple; communicating is positive and friendly; collaboration is instantaneous; and you have access to a community where you can give and receive support, and feel meaningfully connected to other people who share your situation and goals.

Bonfami is excited to make a positive difference in two primary ways:

First, we help build better families through a powerful and affordable service that encourages collaboration, reduces stress, and makes co-parenting more effective.

Second, and a key part of the Bonfami culture, is building a strong community, and giving back to that community in the form of special events, scholarships, internships, and outreach programs that make a positive difference for families.

Hand in hand, our service and our community will help co-parents all around the globe find positive, convenient, and meaningful strategies for raising their children - together.

Bonfami is Here For You

I know that - whether you’re in a relationship or not - it’s deeply important to you to provide the best for your children.

The Bonfami service was born out of a personal drive to make the world a better place for co-parents and their families. And now, together, that’s exactly what we’re doing.

I hope that you find Bonfami as helpful and empowering as I do. I want to personally wish you a truly rewarding co-parenting experience, and to welcome you to the Bonfami community.

About Bonfami: Bonfami is working to improve the childhoods of kids whose parents have separated or divorced by turning “co-parenting” into collaborative parenting!


Cornell Emile

Hello there! My name is Cornell Emile and I’m a single parent of three wonderful children. I started the Bonfami community and service because of the need for a place where single parents can get the kind of inspiration, tips, and ideas for their co-parenting journey. Bonfami is about you and the aspirations that you have for your family. On behalf of the entire Bonfami community and team – welcome!

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At Bonfami, you’ll find an empowering community filled with single moms like you - strong women who care deeply about their children’s future and wellbeing.

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