How to Get the Support You Need To Be a Great Co-Parent

The bottom line is, co-parenting can be lonely. It can be hard to find people in whom you can confide, difficult to find other co-parents in similar situations, and easy to feel disconnected or isolated.


Have you been:

Feeling lonely or isolated in your role as a co-parent?


Wishing you had friendly co-parents to confide in?


Wanting to share and exchange stories and ideas with other co-parents?


Longing for a co-parenting role model or inspiration?


Searching for a positive community to support you through tough times?


If you answered “yes” to any of these questions - then you’re in the right place. Lots of co-parents experience loneliness, isolation, and stress over feeling separate from others.


And yet, maintaining positive social connections is essential to successful co-parenting. In fact, positive social connections are essential for a healthy, happy life in general.


Why are Positive Connections So Important?

“The interactions we have with other people affect the way we feel about life,” points out an article in Psychology Today.


It’s true. Social interactions tend to influence our mood, and even our overall health.


“ medical science has been increasingly demonstrating for decades: Social Interaction is a critically important contributor to good health and longevity,” says an article in The New York Times.


Having healthful relationships with friends, family, and a larger community affects everything from your emotional wellbeing to your heart health, immune system, and life expectancy.


One study states, “Adults who are more socially connected are healthier and live longer than their more isolated peers.”


Positive social connections are integral to being a healthy, happy person. They are also integral in being a healthy, happy co-parent.




First, you deserve to feel healthy and happy.


Second, your child or children are counting on you.


“After a family transition like divorce or separation, children need their parents more than ever,” says an article at University of Minnesota Extension.


The only way you can be a solid, empowering force for your children, is to surround yourself with people who are there for you.


So, How Do You Get the Support You Need?

“Asking for help doesn’t mean you are weak -- anything but. It means you are smart enough to know that you don’t have to invent your way through this alone, and that support will make it easier,” says an article in The Huffington Post.


So, what can you do when you start looking for positive social interactions; what direction do you take if you’re longing for co-parenting support, friendship, guidance, and community?


There are five key ways that co-parents get the support they need. Now, you can too.


Connect Consistently

Whether it means having a weekly tea with a friend, getting a great counselor, or spending more time with extended family; connecting with others will decrease your feelings of loneliness, and increase your health and happiness quota.


Share Your Stories

It feels good to share stories - whether they’re totally embarrassing, completely hilarious, or about your small victories as a co-parent. Surround yourself with trustworthy people in whom you can confide, and whose stories you value hearing.


Find Great Role Models

Find empowering role models that keep you positive and motivated - whether this is an amazing co-parent in a book, an inspiring character in a movie, or even better, someone you know in your immediate circle.


Be Part of a Community

Invest your time in supportive communities where you can be heard, and where you can give and receive support through good times and bad. It’s life enhancing to part of something bigger than yourself, a place where you can experience a true feeling of belonging.


The good news?


There’s a simple way to connect with other friendly co-parents, share stories, discover inspiration, and take part in an impactful community.


Finally, a Positive Place for Co-Parents to Connect

Now, you can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing you’re not alone.


At Bonfami, we give you a place where you can ask for and receive the support you need, share your stories and hear inspiring stories from others, find amazing role models that guide you in the right direction, and be part of an impactful community that will be there for you - through the good times and the bad.


We are revolutionizing what it means to be a co-parent; making it not something scary, complex, or stressful, but an opportunity and a joy to partake in.


Here at Bonfami, we’re not simply providing helpful co-parenting tools. Here, we give you a community where you’re surrounded by those positive connections you truly need to thrive.


About Bonfami: Bonfami is working to improve the childhoods of kids whose parents have separated or divorced by turning “co-parenting” into collaborative parenting!


Phina Pipia

Phina Pipia is passionate about helping single moms and step families navigate new roles, develop positive strategies, and build strong relationships that keep them healthy, happy, and thriving. As a full-time writer, Phina develops marketing copy for successful brands around the globe; including Johnson & Johnson, The Core Results, and yes… Bonfami! She is also the tuba player for The Unexpected Brass Band; performs with the magic & mind-reading duo, The Psychic Dynasty; and tours her original work as a singer-songwriter.

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