Great Movies: With Inspiring Single Mom Leads

Did you have a role model as a child? Think back. Maybe it was your mom. Maybe it was an older sibling. It could have been a teacher, or a guidance counselor, or even someone you admired in a movie.

As kids, we were encouraged to find role models.

As adults, that’s often something we forget.

Role models influences us. Keep us on track. And they even change our lives.

When it comes to being a single mom - who are your influences? Do you have strong, inspiring, and empowered single mom role models you look up to?

You can find role models at work, among friends, and in your family. One way to supplement your role model search is by kicking back, popping some corn, and watching your favorite movies.

That’s right. Here’s your homework for this week - go out there, watch some movies, and find some single mom role models who make you smile.

Extra credit to anyone who responds to this article with their top picks!

In the meantime, here are some ideas to get you started...


When Mexican immigrant, Flor Moreno - played by Paz Vega - finds housekeeping work with a wealthy family, she has to take a look at her priorities, grapple with cultural differences, and ultimately put her relationship with her daughter before everything else.


Not for the faint of heart, Room is a close-up look at a single mom - played by Brie Larson - held captive underground for years with her young son. She overcomes incredible obstacles to give her son inspiration, knowledge, and joy - even under the most oppressive circumstances.

Mama Mia

If you’re ready for a night of goofiness, silliness, and yes, ABBA hits - then Mama Mia is for you. Even better, it stars Meryl Streep as a wise, heartful, hard-working single mom who sings, dances, and faces raising a daughter on her own with energy and optimism.

Find Your Own, Personal Role Models

As a single mom - you need awesome role models who keep you motivated and empowered.

So, here’s your permission to get that popcorn popping, put the kiddos to bed, and cozy up for an evening of inspiration.

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