How to Resolve Arguments With Your Ex: Part II

There are few things more frustrating than arguing with your ex over parenting issues.


After all - the relationship is over, wouldn’t it be nice to just walk away?


But, you know how beneficial having two involved parents is for your child, and you’re committed to making this co-parenting thing work.


So you end up feel stuck. You’ve got to communicate with your ex, but conversations always end in tears or anger. You try again, but it’s the same thing all over again.


How do you break out of that cycle, and find a new way to communicate and resolve arguments with your ex?


Finding New Techniques & Resources

Luckily, there are some great ways to reinvent your communication style.


Go to a Therapist

When you are healthy and happy, it’s much easier to set the stage for healthy, happy communication with your ex. That’s why it’s so important to seek the emotional support you need.


Find a counselor, a therapist, or a mentor who you can speak with honestly about your feelings, field ideas, find guidance, and get emotional support when things get tough.


Find a Mediator

There are few things more valuable than a neutral person who can help you and your ex communicate more effectively.


A mediator will help you both to feel heard, provide techniques for resolving arguments, and give you new ideas that make co-parenting easier and less stressful.


Turn to Successful Mentors

Do you know a single mom who has a healthy co-parenting relationship? Is there someone who’s communication style inspires you? Ever wondered how they do it?


People love to share their stories. If there’s a single mom you look up to, don’t be shy to reach out to her for advice. You may get some amazing guidance you wouldn’t find otherwise.


Take Advantage of Resources

There are countless resources for single moms; from mediators and counselors, to communication tools, books, and apps like Bonfami.


Use the resources out there to help you navigate disagreements. It’s amazing the kinds of game-changing techniques you’ll find, and they may just transform your communication style.


Use This as an Opportunity for Growth

Difficult situations are the perfect opportunities to develop and learn.


The challenges you’re experiencing now will help you become a more effective communicator, and a master at resolving even the toughest arguments.


Summary of Parts I and III: Part one of this article talks about smart communication techniques, and part three of this article looks at how to shift your communication focus.

About Bonfami: Bonfami is working to improve the childhoods of kids whose parents have separated or divorced by turning “co-parenting” into collaborative parenting!


Phina Pipia

Phina Pipia is passionate about helping single moms and step families navigate new roles, develop positive strategies, and build strong relationships that keep them healthy, happy, and thriving. As a full-time writer, Phina develops marketing copy for successful brands around the globe; including Johnson & Johnson, The Core Results, and yes… Bonfami! She is also the tuba player for The Unexpected Brass Band; performs with the magic & mind-reading duo, The Psychic Dynasty; and tours her original work as a singer-songwriter.

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