Minolta's Story of Triumph: Part III


Today, I have overcome roadblocks, faced seemingly insurmountable challenges, and finally, achieved my goals.

And yet, I am not triumphant because of all that I have accomplished. I am triumphant because I fought for the person I am today.

Facing Adversity

While today may seem glorious and beautiful - I always have to remember that life is filled with new challenges and struggles, and that I may be given a push at any moment. That I always need to be ready to search deep within myself and find the strength to face adversity head on.

It’s not easy to get back up when life knocks you down time and again. You have to remember that you have a choice. You have a choice to rise again and fight back with everything inside of you.

When life pushed me backwards ten feet, I managed to find the strength to live and fight again.

Every battle won’t appear the same. Some wounds may be reopened and lessons to learn may be tougher than they appear.

Looking Deep Inside

Here’s my secret to winning the battle: prayer. Not to pray just when you want something to happen or need a miracle, but to look inside, and to be intimate and honest with yourself on a daily basis.

Once you look within to seek direction and clarity - whatever your faith - you will begin to see a major difference in how you address the problems that come up against you.

I am triumphant because I have learned that I am not the things people say about me or associate me with. I am a constant work in progress. And I will continue to strive for the best version of myself each day.

Summary of Parts I and II: In part one of this series, Minolta shares some of the challenges she faced on her journey to self-acceptance, and in part two she talks about how she overcomes roadblocks that stand in her way

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