How You Can Experience Co-Parenting at its Best

If you are like most co-parents, you feel like no matter how hard you try, this task takes up all your time and energy.


“Co-parenting is not a walk in the park,” says an article in Huffington Post, “disagreements about discipline, schedules, and bedtimes can unravel even the most level-headed parent…”


It’s true. Sometimes, co-parenting seems like an uphill battle coordinating multiple schedules, managing shared bills and finances, searching for important medical or legal documents, and sending endless texts and emails.


Maybe you:

1. Experience stress over last minute scheduling changes, or complex work and custody schedules?

2. Have anxiety about shared bills like doctor’s expenses, educational costs, or other finances that you split with your co-parent?

3. Spend tons of time scrambling to keep important legal or medical documents sorted and organized between your child’s two homes?

4. Exchange endless texts, emails, and phone calls with your co-parent and other caregivers such as babysitters, step parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles?

5. Feel lonely and isolated, and wish you had a way to connect with other co-parents?


If any of these sound familiar, then you’re not alone.


Today, there are approximately 17 million single parent families in the United States alone - millions of whom are actively sharing custody and co-parenting responsibilities.


And co-parenting can be a high-stress activity. After all, being a parent is a challenge, and co-parenting adds a whole new layer to the complexity of raising a child. It’s not always easy to coordinate and communicate with your co-parent - especially if you’re also dealing with the emotional weight of a breakup or divorce.


Psychology Today puts it this way, “co-parenting requires empathy, patience, and open communication for success. Not an easy thing to achieve for couples who’ve encountered marital issues.”


In short, co-parenting eats up more and more of your time and energy - when you really want to be spending that time and energy creating an awesome life for your child.


And that’s exactly what successful co-parenting is all about.


Why is Successful Co-Parenting So Important?

“Positive co-parenting is important for you, your co-parent, your partner (if you have one), and of course, your child. Because yes, your child’s well-being is your top priority…” says an article on


Effective co-parenting isn’t just important for your own health (and it is!), it’s important for the health and happiness of your child.


The US National Library of Medicine points out that successful co-parenting affects everything from a child’s socioemotional development to their academic achievements.


This means that the way you co-parent has a direct correlation with your child’s development.


That’s a big deal. And it means your co-parenting practices are pretty darn important. So, how can you turn a situation that’s stressful every single day - into a situation that supports you, your child, and your co-parent?


Here’s How Great Co-Parenting Works

“Co-parenting with a healthy dose of fun, structure, and predictability is a win-win for everyone,” says an article in Psychology Today.


It’s true. As a co-parent, a positive routine is integral to your success.


So, how can you do that?


How can you manage complex schedules in a way that’s easy? How can you streamline your finances? How can you share information more quickly? How can you make communication more positive? And how can you get the support you need along the way?


That’s where Bonfami comes in. Now, there’s a service that makes co-parenting simple.


Scheduling is easy with a shared family calendar

You have a family calendar that’s shared with you, your co-parent, and anyone else you want. This way, you can all be on the same page, and never have to worry.


Finances are streamlined with convenient bill splitting

We give you a bill splitting tool that lifts the burden of shared finances off your shoulders. Now, you can easily split costs like medical bills, dance classes, and caregiving.


Information sharing is a snap

No more massive email chains or miscommunications. We make information sharing easy, so that you can both stay updated with the click of a button.


Every day is more upbeat

We bring you a tool that keeps outgoing and incoming messages positive. Bonfami rates your messages so you only send and receive friendly, proactive messages - free from negativity.


And a community of like-minded co-parents

This way, you have a place to give and receive advice, gain support, and most importantly, you never have to feel alone again.


Most importantly, Bonfami is building a safe-haven for co-parents. A place that is positive, energetic, and bent on remaking what it means to raise children - together. Here at Bonfami, you’re supported, embraced, and empowered by an active community of people who believe in you and your potential.


Finally, you’ll have the time and energy to put your child first. Bonfami is coming soon, sign up for updates today, and experience co-parenting at its best.

About Bonfami: Bonfami is working to improve the childhoods of kids whose parents have separated or divorced by turning “co-parenting” into collaborative parenting!


Phina Pipia

Phina Pipia is passionate about helping single moms and step families navigate new roles, develop positive strategies, and build strong relationships that keep them healthy, happy, and thriving. As a full-time writer, Phina develops marketing copy for successful brands around the globe; including Johnson & Johnson, The Core Results, and yes… Bonfami! She is also the tuba player for The Unexpected Brass Band; performs with the magic & mind-reading duo, The Psychic Dynasty; and tours her original work as a singer-songwriter.

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