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It is that time of year where us moms are preparing for back to school. It can be a rough time and bring about some challenges for us single mamas, especially if this will be your first back to school experience as a single mom. So here are some tips and ideas to help you manage and have a more successful and exciting back to school time with your kids!


So, with the start of another school year just around the corner, it’s a hectic time for us moms. We are busy shopping for new school clothes, supplies like pencils, folders and backpacks. Some moms are really excited to finally send the kids back off to school, while other will be missing their kiddos while they are gone all day.


Or, if you’re like me and you homeschool then things are totally different. When you are homeschooling v.s. having your kids in a public or private school, there is less stress as far as getting your kids “ready”. There isn’t as much need for new clothes or supplies. And if you do independent homeschooling, rather than through a program you are in full control of the schedule. You get to decide when you start schooling again, and how many hours a day and each subject to learn. So this gives you a much better sense of exactly what supplies you will need to start the year off and what curriculum your child needs.


If you will be waving your kids goodbye on the school bus, or doing early morning drop offs, here are a few tips for getting through it without wanting to pull your hair out.


1. Think Ahead

Yeah, I know. You definitely don’t want to be thinking about school when you’re trying to enjoy summer break but, it’s a smart move.  The more time you spend thinking, planning, and shopping for back to school, the less last minute rush and stress there will be.


Casually shopping for clothes and all the back to school items throughout the summer will reduce the stress of a last minute shopping experience and save you time, energy and money! Scroll online for amazing deals, follow your favorite stores to find out exactly when they will be having a sale. Take your time to find the right outfits without the horrific meltdowns in the try-on room.


Planning ahead is a valuable skill every single mom needs.  If your kids take home lunches to school, start putting together lunch ideas way ahead of time.  Try having your kids help create their weekly school meal plans with you. This will make trips to the grocery store and school mornings faster and easier!

2. Prepare For A Wild Ride

Another tip is to prepare yourself for an emotional rollercoaster. Handling all the ups and downs of single parenthood is crazy enough, but getting the kids up and ready for school totally on your own will not be fun.  Or hey, it could be if you prepare yourself mentally to do your best to have a good day.


Be as ready as possible to start the day. Clothes already laid out, lunches ready to go. Positive mindset. You got this! Even if this is your first back to school year as a newly single mom, embrace the challenge and love the crazy. If you are on good terms with your ex, and he is around to help with the kids, then that’s great! Don’t worry too much, just breath and kiss those littles good morning.


3. Homeschooling

So as I said, I am a homeschooling single mom. I have been homeschooling my son since the very beginning at 3 ½ years old.  It has its own challenges but it’s pure freedom. I can be in charge of his education, as I should be. I use several different resources for curriculum, and doing it independently, I save a lot of money. Buying curriculum can be really expensive, and as a single mom on a very low income, I have to get creative.


When I prepare for back to school, I already have that year's curriculum picked out and ordered months before hand. Then over the summer I pick up some supplies and anything else we may need. We also don’t stress over early mornings. We do our lessons during the afternoons, so we get to sleep in as long as we want! I highly recommend this ;)


Any type of schooling can be difficult, with or without support. But we make it work! To see how I make homeschooling work as a single mom read my post about it here.


4. Trusting Yourself

My last tip is pretty simple. Just trust yourself. If something doesn’t feel right, or isn’t going the way you know it should be, switch it up. Don’t agree with the education your children are receiving at public school? Do something else this year. Give homeschooling a try or find a local charter school. Not feeling confident that you can deal with the morning rush and after school homework on your own? Yes, you can. Trust your abilities.


Make this time of year exciting, wonderful and a chance to really bond with your children. They are your most precious gift, and their education is very important. Whether your kids are starting kindergarten or 10th grade, it is still a fresh start for them and for you. Enjoy it and rock it!


Are you ready to start the new school year off right? I know I am!


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