Aryiel’s Super Mom Story: Part II

Bonfami’s Super Moms are sharing their journey of overcoming adversity, struggle and pain to encourage, inspire and empower single moms!

I chose to blog because I love writing, but more importantly, because I needed something that would allow me to be myself… while still being a mother.  

Rediscovering My Sense of Self… As a Mom.

The thing is, I had spent three years of my 20’s being a mother first and Aryiel second, and one day, I decided it was time to start making my sense of self a priority.

I recognized that - If I never found peace with myself as Aryiel - I would never get over the hurt and pain of my separation, and worse, I would never get to experience life as a Superhero mother; which is what I knew my daughter deserved.

Gaining Perspective

The first year of motherhood, I was angry a lot of the time. I questioned whether I knew what I was doing, and was overwhelmed with resentment, fear, and vulnerability. These feelings consumed and hardened me.

It wasn’t until February, 2017, that I finally started to move past the hurdle I had repeatedly found myself tripping over.  

What changed?

First, I met a father who was co-parenting, and suddenly, I was able to see a whole different viewpoint. I gave him advice coming from a mother, a 24/7 parent, and a friend; While also gaining a father’s ideas and perspective.

Next, I managed to take a weeklong vacation, and came back totally rejuvenated; knowing that I wanted to be something more than what I had been.

It was then that I created my blog and business, An Aryiel View.  

Summary of Parts I and III: In part one of this series, Aryiel shares how she was pushed to be more than she could ever imagine, and in part three, she shares how she’s helping other single moms rediscover their joy.

About Bonfami: Bonfami is working to improve the childhoods of kids whose parents have separated or divorced by turning “co-parenting” into collaborative parenting!


Aryiel Trizzette Everett

Hey, what’s up wonderful people! My name is Aryiel, from and I am a Writer, Poet, Actor and Single Superhero Mother taking the world one view at a time. Ten years ago I never thought I would have become a single mom that is co-parenting but let me tell you, the experience has changed me for the better. I strive to make a difference in the lives around me by sharing my life’s secrets and tips. Mainly I want to provide hope for all that go through that period in their lives where they have given up and don’t know what to do next. So I love what Bonfami stands for and truly believe they are here to make a difference! Check out their community for great support and tips for awesome single moms that are co-parenting.

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