Sharita's Super Mom Story: Part I

Bonfami’s Super Moms are sharing their journey of overcoming adversity, struggle and pain to encourage, inspire and empower single moms!

Becoming a mom was - and has been - the most rewarding and terrifying experience of my life.  

My name is Sharita, and here is my story of how I became a super successful mom that is co-parenting a  spontaneous and fearless 7-year-old!

I remember the day my daughter was born like it was yesterday.

It was 12:37 am, and I’d been in the hospital for exactly 12 hours. Then, I saw her bright, beautiful eyes, and I knew my life had changed for the better.  All the fears and pain I had gone through before that moment seemed to disappear.

The pregnancy itself had not been a walk in the park. Between morning sickness during the first trimester, constant bickering with my daughter’s father, and lack of sleep throughout the entire pregnancy; it had been hard to enjoy being pregnant.

And everyday, I found myself questioning whether I would be good enough for my sweet little girl.  

Would I be what people referred to as a “good mother”?  

I didn’t even know what being a “good mother” meant.  I questioned everything I did, worried about each decision I made, and had so many moments where I thought I was failing at being a mom.

And then, one day, all those doubts and questions stopped.

I realized that the only way to be a “good mother” was to live up to the standards I set for myself.  And there are no quotation marks around those standards. Once I realized that, my role as a mom made sense; because it was a role that I could design to fit who I am and what I believe.

Today, I know for certain that I’m not just a good mother, I am a great mother.

Summary of Parts II and III: In part two of this series, Sharita shares how she discovered the meaning of family, and in part three , she talks about the importance of self-forgiveness.

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Sharita Black

Sharita Black is a happily single mother from Atlanta, Georgia. She is currently raising her daughter jointly with her father. Sharita has a degree in Finance and works in the financial industry as a Banker. One of her passions is to share the importance of co-parenting with other single mothers.

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